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Double Pleasure

The service that sparks the fantasy of many men. Geisha’s! Two of them! Geisha Exclusive Escort makes it possible to book two escorts for one date! The ‘Double Pleasure’ service allows you to lavish your attention on two gorgeous Geisha’s. Them on you, them on them and you over them. All Geisha’s that can be invited for the service are bisexual and very attuned to each other, meaning that they can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Looking at two naked women, who are about to fulfil your fantasy. Supple bodies slipping and sliding over each other with searching fingers, stroking hands and wet lips everywhere.

Stereo pleasure. Explore the Geisha’s available for this tantalizing ‘Double Pleasure’ service and book now.


Double Pleasure

Minimal duration

2 hours

Start at

€ 1050,-

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