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First Love 2nd Date

This service will take place during two separate days. The first moment in which you and our Geisha will meet each other is during a ‘Companionship’ date which lasts three hours. This is a date without any physical intimacy and is purely about getting to know each other and enjoying the company. An actual date that can be during dinner or while visiting a museum without any pressure of what is about to follow.

The second date with our same Geisha will be as the ‘First Love Experience’ A meeting that will take place in the restaurant of the hotel where you will take the date to the next level. After dinner you will continue the date in a suitable fashion in your suite. After all, your Geisha and you already know one another somewhat better, which will completely eradicate the tension of a first meeting. Our Geisha will lead the way to that well-known seventh heaven. Together you will explore the intimacy between man and woman.


First Love 2nd Date

Minimal duration

3 + 5 hours

Start at

€ 1950,-

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