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First Love Sleepover

This service entails spending the whole evening, night and even a portion of the morning with our Geisha. A perfect service in which time has no role. The date will start of like our other ‘First Love’ services, with a relaxed meeting to break the ice.

A romantic dinner with perhaps some champagne will lead the way to the hotel suite where our Geisha will invite you to enjoy your dessert. Share a sensual bath, after which you can relax while receiving a wondrous massage. A night full of erotic, real-life fantasies awaits you. The best thing about this date is, besides the fact that after all this erotica you can fall asleep in each other’s arms, that while you are waiting for breakfast to be served, you can replay all the new experiences.


First Love Sleepover

Minimal duration

16 hours

Start at

€ 2250,-

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