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First Love

Our ‘First Love’ services are tailored to anyone that might have had an unsatisfactory or has had little to no intimate experiences with the opposite sex. In this day and age where “sex” is always within reach visually, and also physically thanks to the plethora of dating apps, real intimacy is rarely found. And if you have always have found it challenging making contact with that one special lady, there isn’t an app out there that will help you. The more time passes the more that window for contact will get smaller due to dwindling self-confidence.

Our beautiful Geisha’s will be by your side and guide you step by step during this wondrous adventure. The ultimate connection between man and woman. She will explain which gestures, words and actions make a woman melt. She will take all the time needed and soothe. Together you will will explore and discover her and your body to make an amazing first experience.
Because you are a unique person and no one is exactly like you, we provide a range of variates of this service that no other Dutch agency can offer you. Carefully peruse the various services and if you have any questions left, please feel free to contact us.

First Love

An amazing experience where the Geisha will guide you during this exciting date. She will appease and soothe by meeting you before the date. While enjoying a drink you will get to know her better and the ice will have been broken. Afterwards you will continue in a more intimate setting and start exploring. Undressing one another, sharing a bath and then following her to the bed where you will explore each other’s bodies. Together you’ll find out what excites you the most and she will guide you to all her erogenous zones.


First Love

Minimal duration

3 hours

Start at

€ 800,-

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