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Office Temptation

The ‘Office Temptation’, next to the ‘University of Love’ and the ‘Perfect Night Out’ is a service that only Geisha Exclusive Escort can deliver. A service that really makes all your senses sizzle. A fleeting and fiery sexual meeting at the office. You will meet your Geisha during office hours and will as such receive her as a “business relation”.

The thrill, the escape from reality and knowing that all your colleagues are on the other side of that door just working at their desks, is what makes this a unique and exciting experience.

The ‘Office Temptation’ is like an exclusive, high quality tailor-made suit and as such isn’t suitable for everyone. It takes the correct preparation, planning and overall infrastructure to make sure the date succeeds. Please carefully read our explicit terms for this service. Once you’ve established that you can meet the requirements, please contact us. We will then proceed to set your date in motion and you can prepare to have your mind blown.


Office Temptation

Minimal duration

45 - 60 min

Start at

€ 800,-

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