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Perfect Night Out

Another service with which Geisha Exclusive Escort distinguishes themselves from other agencies, just like the ‘Office Temptation’ and ‘The University of Love’. During a ‘Perfect Night Out’ it’s all about seduction, and the thrill of the hunt. In this tempting fantasy you will be the Geisha’s prey.

You’ll rendezvous with the Geisha in the entertainment district of a prior discussed city. She will lock on to you at the bar or on the dance floor. She’ll pursue, tease and seduce you until the sexual tension becomes unbearable and you’ll follow her willingly to her hotel room where the night will have an intense continuation.

This is the ultimate blind date, all you need to do is discuss your preferences with us. What are the requirements a Geisha needs to fulfil to make your fantasy come true? All other details of the night will be arranged by the Geisha, as you completely turn over control from at the moment of the booking. This service will make all other one night stands pale in comparison and you will forever remember the ‘Perfect Night Out’.

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Perfect Night Out

Minimal duration

12 hours

Start at

€ 2650,-

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