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Geisha Exclusive Escort Header

For the ultimate escort experience

Welcome to Geisha Exclusive Escort, the most tantalizing High Class Escort service in The Netherlands. Our bookings are about experience, making memories, and sensation.

At Geisha, we distinguish ourselves by offering exciting services that can be found nowhere else in The Netherlands. Get to know our Geisha’s on their personal profiles, where they are portrayed elegantly and tastefully. Read all about sensuality on our unique GeishaPedia.

Love Maja-Selene

Our Geisha's

Long ago in Japan, young women would be schooled to become true Geishas. They would be taught about singing, dancing and refined taste in culture and class, as are our gorgeous, modern day Geishas. Our girls undergo training and are selected on overall presentation, as opposed to physical beauty only.

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Exclusive Golden & Silver Cards

If you regularly book a High Class Escort, then this offer is certainly interesting for you.

Geisha Exclusive now offers you the opportunity to get a discount on your High Class Escort experience. You can buy a Golden Card for € 1250, which entitles you to a discount of 25%, or a Silver Card for € 995, entitling you to a discount of 20%.

Booking a Private Date with a Geisha for 2 hours normally costs €600. If you're the owner of a Golden Card, you will receive a €150 discount on the booking. If you have a Silver Card, you will receive a €120 discount on the same service. That means that your investment in the Exclusive Card will pay for itself in just 9 bookings.

You can find the conditions applicable to to our Exclusive Cards here. Exclusive Cards are valid for 5 years after purchase, so you don't need us to tell you that this is a smart investment.

Get your Exclusive Card now and enjoy all the beautiful things that our Geishas can offer you, again and again... and again, and again.

Our services

Geisha Exclusive Escort offers high-quality services, of which some are exclusive and unique in The Netherlands. Will you fall prey to one of our Geisha’s during a ‘Perfect Night Out’ or will you fulfill that one, fiery wish by arranging a rendez-vous during the ‘Office Temptation’? Geisha Exclusive Escort offers all this and more...

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Some of the best moments in life,

are the ones you can't tell anyone about....

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