The Duchess

The Duchess

Marcus Codi / December 2018 / Geisha Exclusive Escort

Located at the former Kas Bank building on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, you can find the "W" hotel, where The Entourage Group manages 2 restaurants, including "The Duchess". With its beautiful ornaments, marble pillars and high ceilings, The Duchess has retained the charm and class of this former bank building. We are looking forward to taste the food because the ambience, the interior design and the whole vibe that this restaurant radiates just arouses our curiosity.

Okay, even we are impressed: the entrance, the reception, the open kitchen, the chandeliers, the glass & lead and the furniture are splendid. The interior, inspired by "the beautiful era" at the end of the 19th century can be found in almost everything except for the music. Now it may be a tad tricky to also adapt the music completely to this style, some may find a romantic yet spicy operetta just a touch over the top while consuming their Beef Wellington. Currently, the music is just a little too loud and intrusive and makes conversation a little difficult. Fortunately, we are greeted by a lady in a well-fitting evening dress who quickly guides us to our table where we receive the drinks menu.

There's plenty of choice and the menu reflects the image of The Duchess well. Having made our choices we ask the lady, to whom we are are tempted to offer a job with us as a Geisha,  to open a bottle of Chardonnay (Jordan, Nine Yards 2015). Maja-Selene has chosen the grilled sirloin steak with caramelized shallots. I go for the grilled lamb chops with figs.

Everything about The Entourage is well thought out and fine-tuned to suit and compliment each other. The versatile dishes, the cocktails, the wines and especially the fine service that in such a setting can pose a huge risk. We ate very well, drank and enjoyed all the beauty around us. On an evening such as this, everything is just.. well.. good. Very, very good. The Duchess and Geisha Exclusive have something in common. It's all about the total experience, A great journey from start to finish.

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