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The University of Love

A unique experience in the world of High Class Escorts and exclusive for the Netherlands, Geisha Exclusive Escorts offers: The University of Love! Again, a booking that will be spread out over two days with the same Geisha. The first date follows along the lines of the ‘First Love 2nd Date’ and is a ‘Companionship’. Basically, you first get to know each other without, the pressure of, physical intimacy.

During the second date you and the Geisha will go back to school, to the University of Love! You will follow a theoretical but mainly practical course under the guidance of a discrete sex coach where you will learn all about the physical connection between man and woman. You learn how to seduce, massage, tease and please.

After part one of your date, filled with new experiences, you will continue the day in the hotel. After dinner, where you can discuss all that you’ve learnt in peace, you will put theory into practice in the hotel suite. This unique service will transform you into a true sexgod. Every other partner that shares your bed, including our Geisha, will be eternally grateful that you went for it and booked this service. 


The University of Love

Minimal duration

3 + 9 hours

Start at

€ 2450,-

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