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True Blind Date

Being set up with your best friend’s neighbour? Or your nephew’s colleague? Sitting through a night of discomfort and awkwardness? This is the result of most blind dates. Dating apps, which is an alternative, aren’t all that discreet. So how can you enjoy a blind date without regrets? This is where Geisha Exclusive Escorts ‘True Blind Date’ service comes in. A perfect solution in the form of a guaranteed successful blind date.

Just like the ‘Perfect Night Out’ you will relay your preferences to one of our Matchmakers. Based on this conversation she will match you with a Geisha who’ll tick all the boxes.

Are you looking forward to playing with a sultry brunette or would you rather have your hands run through golden hair? Does the Geisha of your fantasy have a creamy white or a golden complexion? Would you like to fill your hands with a B-cup or would you rather see a bountiful D-cup? Besides physical preferences, you can also pass on what kind of exciting things you’d like to do to or with a Geisha. Or if you’d prefer her to perform certain actions for or on you. Tell us if you’d like Geisha that takes control or whether you’d like to dominate.

You won’t be booking a Geisha by looking at her profile, but our Matchmaker will set you up with a Geisha that will meet all of your requirements. This will be your best blind date ever!

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True Blind Date

Minimal duration

2 hours

Start at

€ 550,-

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